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Welcome to my website, where you'll find music that tells stories and reflects my inner world. I am Juan Ramos, a composer and musician with over 20 years of experience. I have worked on many different projects and styles throughout my career, always striving to create something unique and personal. I have composed for film, television, and other audiovisual projects, and have also released various albums with other musical projects. I hope you enjoy my website and thank you for visiting!

Musical Projects

Jan Poe
Project from which I set music to poets of the past with several albums published: Rosalía de Castro, Emily Dickinson, George Moses Horton, Juana Borrero...
The machine in the botanical garden
Project that I develop from the YouTube channel of the same name where I combine the raw sound of machines and synthesizers with acoustic instruments and melodic voices. 
Independent Rock project founded in 2008 and currently on hiatus. With Carol Sospedra as the lead vocalist, it has seen other great singers and musicians such as Martha Gallart, Marta Folques, Mónica Montagud, Paco Vera, and many more. It has released an album and a multitude of singles.
El cancionero de Ana
Ana is a character who comes to life in this project. A character who in her free time writes songs and stores them in an old folder. In them, she tells stories about herself, and in others, she talks about people she has crossed paths with and who, for some reason, caught her attention. Currently, she has a small album published, but more are on the way. 
Composiciones para ti
Songs composed by request as gifts for couples, friends, family... Vocal and instrumental.
The Marvellous Tunes Factory
Professional compositions for the audiovisual industry, all types of genres: action, comedy, suspense, romance, science fiction, corporate, happy, sad, environmental, etc... 
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