I love movies, comics, philosophy, poetry, to tarry and look at the sea… The mysteries ( some, even when they cease to be ). I like to linger over and watch my daughter in the morning until she wakes.

I would stay awake rather than sleep, perhaps because I dream too much ( although a couple of extra hours of sleep every night wouldn't be so bad ).

I have many imperfections, many… And a lot of unfinished business with my own self. There is also an infinity of things that I find fascinating about me, as well as about any person that I get to know well enough.

My musical training is classical but, my influences, I do not control. The same afternoon I may listen to Mozart, Bach and The Clash; Blues, Jazz and new electronic on Bandcamp… And, the next day, to things that have nothing to do with all these.

They say I am a very hard worker, patient, tenacious… it is just an appearance, don't believe it…

I work as a composer and lyricist by customer order and also on my own projects. The former is part of my job, the latter is a necessity.

I combine my agenda as a composer with teaching, working in different music schools. Likewise, I conduct various instrumental and choir bands.

I am aware there are things that, much to my regret, I will never learn. On others, I will never think of giving up.

Once, I wrote a song ( El mar se agita / The sea is restless ):

“…How to speak of that

that even I can not understand,

that lies in me,

that with words I spoil

and, yet, I need to say… “

"...Como hablar de aquello

que ni yo puedo entender

que está en mí,

que con palabras echo a perder

pero necesito decir..."

To this day, I still have not learned how to say it better…